My Christmas Story…

An old woman came by the store and begged for anything. She said she’s hungry and she looks so frail and my heart dropped. I can’t understand why their kids leave them to beg on the streets for alms and food. I can never abandon my parents even if they’re unfair to me most of the time. I can never disown my parents after all the things they did for me. There really should be more retirement homes. These people doesn’t deserve to starve and die on the streets. That old lady looks so pitiful and so I gave her something to eat. The smile she gave me when she got the bread was heartbreaking. She looks so grateful and she even exclaimed ‘Salamat sa Dyos!’ (‘Thank God!’)

It’s Christmas and it’s a time for sharing. A little act of kindness will go a long way and for sure, you can bring a smile to someone’s face because they know someone cares.

Be thankful that you are more blessed than others. Be thankful that you have something to eat on the dinner table. Be thankful that you can sit right there and read this on your computer  when other people out there can’t even afford food they need to eat. Help them, even through prayers. I may have helped that old lady ease the rumbling of her empty stomach for a while but she helped me realize that I am so lucky conpared to those unfortunate in life. She taught me to appreciate my parents and everything they did for me. I gave that old lady something that can only last a few hours but she gave me something that may last me a lifetime…

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